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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Cars Do You Accept?

At Bibb's, we purchase almost any vehicle --Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Trailers. All years, makes and models are accepted.

What If My Car Was In An Accident?

We buy wrecked cars too!

Do You Accept Vehicles That Do Not Run or Have Mechanical Problems?

Yes, we accept cars that do not run, have mechanical problems, and are missing major parts.

Do I Need A Title?

Yes, all vehicles need a title.

Won't I Make More Money By Donating My Car?

As of January 1, 2005, the donation laws changed. You are now only able to deduct the amount that the vehicle is sold for by the charity. Read about donating your car.

How Does This Process Work?

Call (888) 708-0015. Someone from our staff will discuss the amount of cash we will pay you for your vehicle and schedule a time when we can pick up your vehicle. We will then tow your vehicle away and pay you cash upon pickup.

I Want To Sell My Car. When Can You Pick It Up??

Right Now! Call (888) 708-0015 (during business hours) and we will schedule a date and time.

How Do You Determine The Amount To Be Paid For My Car?

The amount is determined by the year, location & condition of vehicle. Call (888) 708-0015 to find out how much we will pay you for your vehicle.

Will There Be Any Expenses On My Part?

There are never any charges.

If My Car Runs, Can I Drive It In?

Yes, we accept drive-ins as well.
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