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Selling junk car NJ?

What is a junk car?

That's not an easy thing to answer. If your car doesn't run, is missing pieces or doesn't even have an engine, you might think you have a junk car. But one man's junk car is another man's treasure. Here a Bibb's, no car is a junk car NJ to us-- and we are here to help sell a junk car as easily and hassel free as possible. To sell a junk car call (888) 708-0015 and we'll buy it!

How do I sell a junk car?

As a New Jersey car owner, if you call (888) 708-0015 and give and answer a few questions you can sell junk car to us about an hour!

Selling Junk Car NJ to Bibbs is Easy

It just takes these few simple steps:
  1. If the car is in NJ, call (888) 708-0015 and tell us about your junk car.
  2. Answer a few questions about your junk car.
  3. Bibb's will calculate how much you can sell junk car in NJ.
  4. After you agree on a price, you then sell the junk car to Bibb's
  5. Shortly afterwards, a representative from Bibb's will drive to the location of your junk car.
  6. After receiving the neccessary items (such as the title), the represenative will take the car away and pay you cash for your junk car. That's correct! Right on the spot you will receive cash for junk car.

What Does Bibb's Do With My Junk Car?

Bib's is an auto recycling facility. So we use your junk cars in our salvage yard. By using an auto salvage facility, it's a win-win-win. Win for you, because you get cash for your car. Win for us because we get your car. And a win for the environment too!
Your car could be fully out of your name with cash in your hand all within the same day! Sell your car for cash now! (888) 708-0015

To Sell Junk Car in New Jersey Call (888) 708-0015

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