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Auto salvage, also known as salvaging or auto recycling, is removing and reusing automotive parts from non working vehicles, then safely disposing of the portions of the car that cannot be salvaged. Bibb's is one such auto salvage yard. Auto salvage can be considered a 'green' technology since it prevents the waste of usable parts and materials. This sort of recycling preserves teh environment by reusing vehicle components instead of disposing of them in a landfill.

Because automobile manufacturing is one of the biggest industries inthe world, it generates a lot of waste. This waste could fill a large amount of the landfills, and therefore harm the environment in unthinkable ways. The auto salvage industry fixes this problem by reusing any parts of the car that are still functional. As much as 76% of an average car's parts can be salvaged -- more than any other mass-produced complex item.

Our environmentally sound auto salvage techniques have three phases. The first stage, pre-treatment, consists of preparing the vehicle for disassembly. This involves draining it of all fluids, such as oil, coolant, and fuel, to prevent them from leaking out while the vehicle is on the salvage yard and seeping into the groundwater. The gas tank, battery, and tires are also removed.

The reclaimed fluids are then sold, or transported from the auto salvage yard to a recycling facility. The battery is likewise re-sold or recycled. Gas tanks, once drained, can be recycled as scrap metal. Tires can be reused in a variety of ways -- they can be re-treaded, used as ground rubber, or burned for energy at licensed facilities.

At the auto salvage yard, we then evaluate the remaining parts, and depending on their condition, repair or sell them. If an entire car is deemed repairable, it may be sold whole.

Examples of parts that are often sought out at auto salvage yards include entire front or rear ends, body panels or bumpers, motors, transmissions, wheels, and electronics, among others. Because buying used parts at an auto salvage yard is cheaper than buying them new, consumers can lower not only the cost of a repair, but also their insurance rates if the repair in question is an insurance claim. Auto salvage yards also provide owners of rare, out-of-production vehicles with a chance to obtain hard-to-find replacement parts.

Once all saleable parts are removed, an Bibb's auto salvage yard contracts a crusher to flatten the vehicle's frame. The metallic portions are then sold, and the non-metallic parts can safely be put in a landfill.

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